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Sounding Board™ is a Member's Only C-Suite Group.   Founded in 2008, it's primary purpose is to gather Best Practices from smart, kind business leaders who have a track record of success.  Unique to The Sounding Board™ are field trips to visit these leaders at their workplaces to hear their stories while gaining their insights.  Engaging, inspirational, practical, immediate value - all sums up a typical Sounding Board™ visit. 

6-Month = $1,650
1 Year = $2,500

As a member of The Sounding Board™, you'll be part of a powerful forum dedicated to addressing the core issues of running your company. 
At the heart, The Sounding Board
™  is a commuity of great leaders who help one another successfully ride the waves of change and navigate the business whitewater.

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Our Upcoming Visits Include:

May 1, 2017
Peg Zminda
CEO & CFO of The Barnes Foundation
Samaritan Hospice

June 8, 2017
Urban Outfitters

Leaders & companies we've had the priviledge to meet:

Mary Ann Boccolini
CEO of Samaritan Hospice

Nacho Abia
President and CEO at Olympus Corporation of Americas

Steve Donahue, Head Coach
Men's Basketball
University of Pennsylvania
Click HERE for insights into this visit.    

Father Peter Donohue, President
Villanova University

Dr. Jason Corosanite, Co-Founder
String Theory School

Chris Marr, CEO

Kevin Castagnola
Executive Director / CEO
South Jersey Port Corporation

Dan Sheeran, CFO
Duane Morris

Nando Basal, Senior Director, External Project Leader
Janssen Pharmaceutical Co of J & J

Jay Culotta
Treasurer, WAWA

Jack Bogle, Founder

Connie Williams, Chairman of the Board
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hal Real, Founder
World Cafe Live

Marcus O’Sullivan, Head Track Coach & Olympian

David Benton, GM
The Rittenhouse Hotel

Todd Allen, General Manager

Eric Balchunas, ETF Analyst

Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, President
Neumann University

Tom Burgoyne, #1 Ranked Mascot
The Phillies / The Phillie Phanatic

Howard Ross, Founding Partner
LLR Partners

Bill Doyle, President
Performance Research

Tom Icavone, Partner
Art Guild

Jill Ross, VP Market Director
Beneficial Bank

Steve Van Vallin, Director of Learning

Mark Schroetel, General Manager
Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Jeff Wilush, CEO
Horizon House

Alexander Bothwell, CEO

George Steinmetz, CEO
Matthews Paoli Ford

Dan Kelly, CEO
Polymer Solutions

Mark Pennington, Partner
Gardner Fox

Seth Auerbach, President
Komfort & Kare Home Health Center

David Johnson, CEO
Johnson & Towers

Insights from Sounding Board Meetings

- Making decisions about crossroads:  Look at the outcome you are interested in (where I can learn & be challenged) as it will expand your choices -- buying, selling, staying, sabbatical, merging,etc.

- Negotiating:  If you gotta have it, you are gonna lose.  Can’t wiggle and be viewed as strong. 

- Excellence: If you are interested in excellence, you need to have people playing at your level.

- Ownership:  Ownership guilt.  What’s best for you?  What’s best for your employees?

- Partner:  Consider partnering carefully.  Be sure the partner you are considering has complementary vs. competing skills.  (In short, they should be good at stuff you are not.)  Other options are to compensate really well without giving up ownership and/or offer deferred compensation.

- Marketing:  Get your message in front of the Customer seven times.


"Hire smart, nice people and tell them to hire smart, nice people."  Jack Bogle

“The concept of equity in a company is really kind of mythical.”  Dan Kelly

“What does your gut tell you?”  George Steinmetz

“It’s difficult to let go especially when we’ve been successful by holding on to it.”  Susan Saradakist




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