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Creating Your Organization's Future

Remarkable leaders know how to envision a future and bring that future to life.  548™ is a brilliant set of building blocks designed to bring the future you desire for your organization to life.  548™ is a comprehensive roadmap towards realizing your future that includes three key components including: a trust-building retreat process, a robust senior team assessment and a transformational, activated leadership curriculum: 

1.  First™
Designed to cultivate trust and alignment, FIRST™ consists of Executive Team interviews, a multi-day trust enhancing retreat that is reinforced by follow-on segments.  Creating a shared vision, establishing a code of conduct and getting to know work-styles all contribute to creating this alignment.  FIRST™ is an invaluable invesment that establishes a solid and long-lasting foundation for your senior team.  Do FIRST™ before anything else.  

2.  0-60™  Senior Team Assessment
Do you know where your team stands in relationship to key World-Class indicators of performance?  In this simple but powerful exercise, benchmark where your team stands in relationship to key World-Class indicators.  Identify pockets for improvment and better leverage the influence and impact of your Executive Team.

3. Leading-Edge Leaders™
This powerful curriculum increases mastery in three domains - Leading Self, Leading Others & Leading the Organization.  Advance key business initiatives and ensure breakthrough results via capstone projects.  Optimize organizational performance as your leaders are activated towards results.    

How long does this process take? A year-and-a-half, or 548 days.

Say yes to 548™ and delight as your imagined future comes to life!

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