Posted on March 21, 2014 @ 6:08am

I am intrigued about how to translate spiritual principles and practices into the everyday running of organizations.  This week, the NY Knicks hired Phil Jackson to be their new president.  Kobe Byrant, one of Phil’s superstar players, commented:

 “There's some X's and O's to it, obviously. But he teaches players, he teaches guys how to play. He teaches from a place of Zen, he teaches from a place of emotional balance.  The system is predicated on the spirituality of the game. In terms of being in the moment and reacting to situations, balance.  Jackson teaches the system directly from his beliefs and his philosophies spiritually.”

Reading this piece by Kobe inspired to go on Amazon and buy Jackson’s book, Sacred Hoops. I’ll let you know what I get from it.


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