Posted on October 24, 2014 @ 7:31am
"The Greatest of faults
is to be conscious of none."
Thomas Carlyle 

One of the best developmental journeys I ever took was when I interviewed people in my personal and professional life about...me.  After asking ten individuals ten questions, clear themes emerged that continue to inform me as a person and as a leader.  Seeing yourself clearly through the eyes of others is an invaluable gift -- if you are ready to unwrap what is being offered.  (When I asked my Dad:  If I was an animal, what kind of animal would I be? he immediately answered, "Pitbull Lamb".   That description gave me great insight into how he saw me and it still informs me as a leader today.)   

DillonMarcus offers two 360â—¦ Feedback processes for developing self-awareness - one is a live, dynamic and relationship-building experience where participants walk away with real data in real time - perfect for a Senior Team who wants to collectively build their capacity to lead.  The other is a technology based solution provided by Echospan.  This approach is recommended for professionals who want to collect feedback from a large number of individuals who are geographically dispersed. Both approaches allow for tailoring of the questions being asked.  Coaching is a natural follow-on to the 360â—¦ Feedback process as it provides a committed partner to foster expanded growth.   

Critical to the success of any 360â—¦ Feedback training session is the context that is built around the process and the questions that are selected.  Both have a great impact on the success of the endeavor.  Click here to learn more about both of our processes.


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