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Last Friday I found myself at the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce being taped for a radio show with three other Executives.  The afternoon was well spent as I learned the personal stories and professional lessons of some very accomplished people.  (If you want to hear the session, tune in on Sunday, November 2nd at 7am EST at  or  

Up until last week, I hadn't heard of Executive Leaders Radio - but it's a wonderful concept where leaders share not only their business accomplishments but the personal side on how they got there. Visit www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio to peruse their extensive list of Executives and listen to archived recordings on-demand. 

We are familiar with this concept of hearing personal journeys and professional insights as Evan & I have had the pleasure of doing just that for the past seven years.  We started The Sounding Board™ Executive group in 2008.  Since then, we've visited with some amazing leaders in the greater Philadelphia area - from Jack Bogle, the iconic leader of Vanguard who introduced the cultural principle of "hiring nice, smart people and telling them to hire, nice smart people", to Marcus O'Sullivan, head track coach at Villanova and two-time Olympian who never won a race in high Connie Williams, Chairman of the Board of The Philadelphia Art Museum who shared with us the plans of what is expected to happen underneath the famed Art Museum steps.

The investment in The Sounding Board™ is $2,500 for a one-year membership or $1,650 for a six-month membership.    We've got two terrific sessions scheduled for the last quarter of 2014. Nando Basal from J&J will explain why Pharmaceutical companies, who have traditionally been fierce competitors,  are now joining forces.  Jay Culotta from WAWA will undoubtedly give us some backstage insight into the magic and the machine that is WAWA.  The intimate Sounding Board setting allows for the asking and answering of direct questions.  Both sessions will happen at the leader's "home" location - as we think this provides for a richer overall experience.

November 6, 2014
Nando Basal, Senior Director, External Project Leader
Janssen Pharmaceutical Co of J & J

December 16, 2014
Jay Culotta, Treasurer

Each Sounding Board™ visit wraps up with an informal lunch where Members digest and discuss how to implement best practices in their organizations.  A natural outcome of being a Member of Sounding Board™ are the friendships that are forged and the mentoring among Members.     

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Marcus O'Sullivan Olympic Lessons

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