Posted on March 26, 2014 @ 4:26pm
The 'sit & git' meeting model is one most of us are all too familiar with - the PowerPoint presentations that have a hypnotic, mind-numbing know it's happening when you start taking too  great an interest in the saying that is printed on your ballpoint pen.  
The 'sit & git' meeting model is as outdated as the rotary phone, yet many managers and meeting designers still cling to it.      
What's the antidote to the 'sit & git' meeting approach? After years of tinkering with our executive retreat meeting designs, we believe the recipe is fairly simple.  
People will work for money, but people will work harder for you if they can see the connection - the meaning in what they do.   Recently, we helped design a conference on Social Responsibility for a national non-profit.  They kicked off their meeting with a personal video message from Father Grey Boyle, a man who is making a profound difference in East LA.  His message was inspiring  - and provided meaning and connection for those in attendance.  Listen for yourself...we dare you not to be moved.    
Social Responsibility Conference: Father Greg Boyle -  
Social Responsibility Conference: 
Father Greg Boyle  
"The Power of Boundless Compassion"
Not just a data dump, but information that helps meeting attendees do their jobs better.  The litmus test is when participants walk away saying, "They provided some really valuable information".  How do you know what information would be valuable to the folks coming?  Ask them!  
Our parents generation seemed to have a natural knack for meeting others in social settings, making introductions and building relationships.  Somehow that ease has been replaced by an awkwardness - a preference to defer to our smartphones rather than make conversation as we wait in line at the lunch buffet.   Since business is still fueled by relationships, successful meetings build in time for structured interaction - interaction where participants are provided with a comfortable pathway for getting to know each other.  Refer to our Mover & Shaker™ Information Sharing Session if you are looking for a really enjoyable way to increase the interaction level in your next meeting.      

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