A little-known secret about DillonMarcus is that we build really terrific custom training courses.  We've been creating custom training programs for corporations and for Universities for years.  All of our programs are instructor-led and are built upon the foundation that "the genius is in the room".   Instead of providing "canned" information, our Learning Lab discovery approach is so appreciated by today's audiences -- without sacrificing the learning objectives.  

A sampling of topics Include:

- Values & Culture
- Leadership
- Developing Others
- Customer Service
- Change
- Personality Styles

Our design process begins by determining the intent and the outcomes of the learning.  Then we crowd-source the development by interviewing key stakeholders, including experts on the topic, along with those who will be taking the class.   Our "people support what they help to create" approach helps not only to ensure a great design but it builds buy-in for the program.

Delivery includes a detailed Leader's Guide, participant materials, and customized visuals.    Be assured that the designs will be modern and interactive - a clear departure from the outdated teacher-student model.  

A typical timeframe from start-to-finish is three-five months.   

We offer train-the-trainer options if you'd like your team to lead the course.  

If you are looking for a custom-built solution with little hassle and all up-side, contact us today! 

"You've set the bar for course designers."  C. Dare, ARI





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