Sounding Boardâ„¢

Sounding Board™ is where Senior Leaders go for inspiration, ideas and peer support.  We are a member's only C-suite group whose primary purpose is to gather best practices from smart, kind, high-performing business leaders who have a track record of success.  Unique to Sounding Board™ is in-person, back-stage access to great leaders and great organizations.  Engaging, inspirational, practical, immediate value - all sums up a Sounding Board™ visit.  

Loyal, Loving Fans!

Be a part of the opening season of this exciting retreat being offered at Citizens Bank Park!  The session features Tom Burgoyne, The Phillie Phanatic's "Best Friend" and is being held at the ballpark in the exclusive Executive Dining Room.  Learn the secrets to creating loyal, loving fans for life.  Book a private session for your team today!  

Unstoppable Sellingâ„¢ Retreat

Unfortunately, the sales process has become a subtle war between the sales person and the customer.  But we all know that there is a better way. Unstoppable Selling™ ends the war by turning the sales process on its head -- or more accurately said, on its heart.  

Spirituality & Business

What would happen if we unleashed the full power of spirituality into every endeavor of business?  What would it do to our sense of purpose, our enthusiasm, and our ability to lead?  Join us for a powerful one-day retreat on spirituality & business and answer these questions for yourself.    

Kids to Camp!

Make a high school dream come true by becoming Really Cool!  Be a part of the magic of sending the 6th Graders from Sacred Heart School in Camden on a retreat of their own.
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