Loyal, Loving Fans for Life!

It happens all the time.  Tom Burgoyne is eating at a restaurant when the waitress, by chance, discovers who he is.  She just has to tell him, can not, not tell him, how much she LOVES him!  The praise is undeniable as the love goes deep.  This type of reaction is not unusual for Tom Burgoyne who has been the Phillie Phanatic’s "best friend" for the past 26 years.  The Phillie Phanatic elicits this type of response from thousands of fans.  They love him when the Phillies are up.  They love him when the Phillies are down.  Simply put, they love him. 

But why?  Why do fans love him?  And how?  How does Tom, aka the Phillie Phanatic, create such a bond?  What creates the love?  What creates the loyalty?  These are some of the questions being asked and answered in our compelling one-day retreat entitled, Loyal, Loving Fans for Life!™.  

  • Meet Tom Burgoyne, the Phillie Phanatic's "best friend" and hear his

  insights into fostering Phillie Phanatic type love in your business. 

  • Learn key principles for creating loyalty among your internal and external Customers.
  • Share practical ideas with others who are passionate about Customer Service.
  • Laugh a lot...and leave inspired to spread the love in your organization.

If you get excited by the idea of ever-growing excellence, then join  us as we engage in a leading-edge conversation into how to create the loyalty and the love.  This session is ideal for individual service providers, those in charge of corporate culture, brand managers and regular 'joes' who want to meet the man who inspires the love of millions.  

Ask us about scheduling this amazing customer service retreat or keynote for your organization.

Click HERE to check out a video of Tom talking about the session.  

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