What would happen if we unleashed the full power of spirituality into every endeavor of business? How would it impact our organizations -- strategy, culture, customer loyalty and profitability --- every significant driver of business excellence?  What would it do to our sense of purpose, our enthusiasm, and our ability to lead?  

Work can be a place that fully engages your heart and your soul.  Sometimes we forget that the separation that exists between our personal lives and our professional lives is of our own creation.  The beliefs and values that guide our personal life can be the same as those that guide our work -- it’s all ONE CIRCLE.

But what are your beliefs?
And how can you lessen the gap between what you believe and how you work & lead?

Come feed the growing hunger you have for exploring what is important to you – and for finding more meaning in your work.  This is a day to speak your truth while opening your mind to the perspectives of others.  If this topic grabs you - join us for a powerful conversation where you get to talk about things that are truly in your heart.     

We will ask and answer these questions:

  • What is spirituality?
  • Can business really be a platform for practicing our highest beliefs?
  • Can work serve a higher purpose beyond the bottom line?
  • Can spirituality and profitability be powerful allies?
  • Can work be a source of joy and satisfaction?

One Circle™ will foster your ability to be authentic at work and give you the confidence to unleash life’s most powerful spiritual principles into your profession.


-You will clarify and expand your notion of spirituality

-You will gain the courage and confidence to live your faith more fully at work

You will walk away with specific ideas for applying spiritual principles to challenges you are facing today

You will forge friendships and new relationships other leaders who will touch and inspire you

A hard sell about anything.  This is a forum for thoughtful discussion to explore the most important aspects of our lives. We encourage curiosity and welcome a wide-range of beliefs.

The day is designed to be a personal journey that is, oddly enough, shared with others.  We’ve created an environment where it is safe to be yourself.  We will share what we believe, what we know, and what we care about with others -- by being 100% real.  We will tell our own personal journey stories and have a chance to share our spiritual practices.  Each will draw their own lessons, their own wisdom and their own ideas from the conversation.

- People who want to stop the separation between their personal and professional worlds and start living congruently.

- People who are willing to share their stories, their beliefs and their solutions.

Openness and kindness are probably the two most valuable character traits you can bring to this retreat.

If this topic touches your heart the way it does ours, we hope that you will come and bring others who share your interest.

This retreat is scheduled upon request.  




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