Selecting the Right Program for You

Increase Sales

What your sales people believe about themselves, about money and about selling is directly linked to their results. A subtle shift in beliefs can lead to a substantial increase in sales. Learn what is stopping your sales people and help them unleash their potential -- our Unstoppable Selling™ keynote coupled with the Secrets to Unstoppable Selling™ two-hour Power-Up is the perfect combination to help your sales numbers soar.

Navigate Change

Whitewater is the complex turbulent environment in which we operate. Our Thriving in Whitewater™, Lifesaving Skills to Navigate Change keynote or Power-Up gives participants insight into the new business reality of doing more, doing it better, and doing it with less. Armed with new ways to respond, attendees return to work with a navigator mentality.  Couple this program with Launch™, our Boat Building Team Classic and your crew will literally learn how to stay afloat in the whitewater!

New Team Forming/ New Manager

Hands down, our First™ retreat is the smartest investment you can make in the success of your leadership team. Set a strategic direction, manage workplace expectations, and strengthen relationships in an enjoyable, easy manner. It can be conducted in one day or two.

Give Back

Strengthening your team muscles while giving back is a terrific combination. Check out our C-Squared™, Corporations Building Communities offering under Team Classics. We can add elements of social responsibility to almost all of our programs, just ask!

Validate Your Values

How people agree to conduct business in your organization is almost as important as the business itself. Our Team Classic, Pillars™, In Search of Your Values, is a one-day convening of your nation where tribes explore the pillars to their success. Tribes embark on a quest to find their values, a journey that is filled with adventures including boating, archery, and rock-climbing.

A Culture Change

Offered over a year and a half, 548™ digs deep and provides all of the elements to support a wide-scale organizational culture change.

Share Knowledge

Both interviewing programs, Starting Line-Up™ Learning Short and Mover & Shaker™ Power-Up help team members get to know each other better and share their knowledge in an engaging way. Our Learning Short, Give & Gain Exchange™, provides a pathway for colleagues to advise each other, providing real value in real time.

Break Down Barriers

Getting along with others sometimes feels like rocket science. Our Rocket Science™ Team Classic teaches about working with others and provides an opportunity to do just that. Both Learning Labs, Exceptional Partnering, A Case for Collaboration™ and Understanding Why with MBTI™ are also terrific for breaking down barriers and for tapping into the wisdom of "We".

Build Leadership Skills

Our Legacy™ keynote, coupled with our Team Classic, Found™: Junk Sculpting and the Art of Business, is the perfect combination to allow people to tap into their higher selves and their higher purpose while having fun building the perfect leader. Our Learning Short, Standing Ovation™, The Power of Appreciation is also a terrific skill builder for managers, teaching them the invaluable skill of seeing the strengths in others.

Not Enough Time or Money

Check-out our 1-hour Learning Shorts™ or our 2-hour Power-Ups™, both categories are affordably priced and fit into the busiest of schedules.

Stressed Out / Low Morale

Play helps people to stay...and be more productive! check out our Power of Play™ keynote or our It's O.K. to Play™ retreat to bring the technology of play to your organization.

Solve Problems

When you need to stay on-site and time is short, our Collaboration in a Can™ Power-Up is the perfect solution. When you've got more time and the space to spread out, our Adventure Challenge™ Team Classic presents a series of initiatives and challenges designed to increase a group's capacity to solve problems with innovative solutions.

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