The Wisdom of WE™ Keynote

Organizations hire us because they want to work better together.  Typically, they have great capacity around the technical part of their work, less capacity for managing the relationships connected with getting the work done.

When friction builds in realtionships, both the productivity and the quality of the work is affected -- along with an eventual lowering of overall morale.

A perspective that we offter to maximize the working relationships with others is both simple and profound.  We contend that at any given moment we are either moving in one direction or another on the US/Them - WE continuum -- often times withouth any conscious intent.


What's it like working in an US/Them enviroment?  What's it like working within WE?




 Nature of the Relationship









Referencing the chart above, as well as reflecting upon our own experience, we know that working in an US/Them envioronment can be both painful and unproductive.  Working with others who don't think and behave the way we do is difficult - yet we can't get our jobs done in isolation -- we need diversity of thought and we diversity of talents.  Given the rapid pace of change and the increasing complexity of problems, now more than ever, we must acknowledge our inter-dependence.   We can go only so far without the help, brainpower and collaboration of others.

In any relationship, we are either moving towards a state of “US vs. Them” or towards a state of “WE”.  Our orientation and attitude about working with others is critical to determining our success and well-being.   Working within “WE”, we are smarter, more effective, and happier. 

Our Wisdom of WE™ keynote shines a light on the universal challenge of working with others and provides essential principles and a pathway towards WE.  

The keynote is dynamic, interactive and full of impact - audience participation is built right in. 

Key Messages  

- "WE" is not only a terrific competitive weapon, it also feels better. 

- Achieving "WE" is not always easy, but it can be cultivated and we can tell you how. 

- We define our "WE" and we, by concious choice, can expand the boundaries.

The highlight of our Wisdom of WE™ keynote is when attendees experience what WE feels like by participating our wildly popular Mover & Shaker™ Information Exchange.  In this  interactive component, silos come tumbling down and the groundwork is layed for more effective relationships.  An added bonus is the precious intellectual capital that usually lays dormant in most meetings and conferences becomes activated.   People start sharing their knowledge, their networks, and their resources...and loving it!  It's a true win-win for all - except for those who prefer the mind-numbing 'sit and git' meeting model of parades of PowerPoint presentations. 

Ask us how we can help you guarantee your meeting success by tapping into our Wisdom of WE™ Keynote

This keynote typically lasts 60-90 minutes. 

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 "Individually we are one drop. 
Together we are an ocean.”
                                               R. Saturo



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