Culture Uncoveredâ„¢

Lurking behind every organizational chart resides a hidden force that guides the flow of information and resources.  This invisible, but powerful force has come to be called Corporate Culture.  In this Learning Lab, we will unlock the secrets to creating, maintaining and thriving in your Corporate Culture. 

Dream Machineâ„¢

Some day. One day. If you open up your calendar to locate either of these days, you'll be disappointed. What if you could start living your dreams today versus 'some day' in the future?  Watch your enthusiasm for living bubble over as you take on your life with intent.  Feel the carbonation!

Exceptional Partneringâ„¢

Achieve unprecedented results by creating and sustaining exceptional partnerships.  Attendees explore the value of creating joint partnerships while distinguishing the principles underlying them.  The Lab looks at the essence of partnering, the mindset of great partnering and the actions, attitudes and behaviors that create great partnering relationships.

Play with Purposeâ„¢

Play- for many a lost ability - can be one of our greatest allies. By becoming masterful in the art of play, you'll possess skills that are widely transferable from managing your time to managing your staff. By incorporating the 'technology' of play into your work, you'll breakthrough areas of non-play and discover a freedom to move beyond where you normally stop. Discover how playing games can be game-changing.   

The Power of Youâ„¢

In Search of Spirituality in Business. Why is Harvard Divinity School drawing business students?  What is spirituality and how does it apply to what we do? How are the pursuit of meaning and honesty core business practices? This Learning Lab examines all of these questions.  This Lab is practical, focused on integrating our spiritual beliefs with the business environment. 

Spark!â„¢ Service Ignited

Spark!™ reignites peoples' passion for service.  Participants share real life experiences, conduct live research and interview their customers to discover the ingredients of great service. Once we understand the essential ingredients of stand-out service, we dedicate time to practice delivering it.  

Stand Out!â„¢

Start enjoying greater confidence in your business and community pursuits by mastering fundamental communication skills that will last a lifetime. Speaking, writing, and storytelling, Business Communications Unplugged is an intensive workout designed to make you and your message, Stand Out!.

Knowing Why With MBTIâ„¢

Start Thinking Inside the Boxes!  Cultivate productive relationships, enhance decision-making and reduce conflict - it's all part of the magic that is Myers-Briggs. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is one of the most enduring and valid assessment tools used in identifying personality types. Developed to make sense of the apparent randomness of human behavior, it helps individuals gain insight into themselves and others.

Unstoppable Sellingâ„¢

Everyone has self-limiting beliefs, but to what extent are your beliefs getting in the way of doing your best? Unstoppable Selling™ gets at what drives your personal performance.  By measuring yourself against proven selling fundmentals, you'll distinguish where and why you are stopped.  Watch your sales figures soar as you discover the secrets to being unstoppable!

Thriving in Whitewaterâ„¢

Organizational Change.  It never stops -- even though we secretly keep hoping it will. Because this expectation keeps us in a state of upset - our ability to achieve business results is mitigated.  Thriving in Whitewater, Lifesaving Skills to Navigate Change™ not only helps leaders accept this new business reality, but it teaches them how to chart their course during turbulent times.  

Talent Walkâ„¢

It’s classic.  Individuals get promoted to higher levels because they are good at what they do.   Then as leaders, they become responsible for the performance of others. So how do leaders make developing others a priority? And how do they go about acquiring the skillset required to do so? Talent Walk™ is an action-packed journey that results in a clear path for developing others.   
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