Talent Walk™: 
An Action-Packed Journey for Developing Others

It’s classic.  Individuals get promoted to higher levels because they are good at what they do.   Then as Leaders, they become responsible for the performance of others

So how do Leaders make developing others a priority? 

And how do they go about acquiring the skillset required to do so? 

Talent Walk™ is an action-packed journey that harnesses the on-the-court experience of attendees resulting in a clear path for developing others.   

-   Participants understand that “People are my job.”
-   They actively identify key competencies for developing others.
-   They walk away with a plan for developing their direct reports.

How It Works

1.  We begin in search of the core competencies for developing others. We look for those competencies in our experience – the illuminating stories of how we ourselves were developed.

2.  Then we identify those common elements that are critical for successfully developing others.

3.  After, we create a talent grid  comprised of those core principles.

4.  It gets exciting as we use the grid as a framework from which to create actual developmental plans.

5.  Finally, we practice the methodology so that each person has a high comfort level using this timeless approach.

Attendees leave knowing that ‘people are my job’ -- along with a clear road map for developing the folks on their team.  

Benefits of this Approach

√  Participants are extremely engaged
√  Participants ‘own’  the material  
√  Participants are  able to implement the ideas with the confidence
√  Participants walk  away better developed themselves!  


The session is scalable – lasting from 4-6 hours.

 "The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people,
but real management is developing people through work."                    

                                                                                                 — Agha Hasan Abedi


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