The path to world-class begins with your Executive Team.  Executive Team's who are aligned and committed to the organization's higher purpose provide the foundation upon which world-class organizations are built.  

With a solid foundation, you’ll do things smarter, work better together and your Executive Team will be better equipped to lead the organization.  

- Strengthen relationships

- Create a shared team vision
- Generate operating values
- Clarify leader and team member expectations 

- Better Results:  Executive Teams who are strongly connected to the organization's higher purpose and who share a common vision, are more likely to achieve it.

- Increased Trust: As the team members come to know and care about each other as people, the team begins to trust each other - becoming more transparent and forthcoming.

- Smarter Decision-Making: Executive Teams who like and respect one another consult with each other more frequently and aren't afraid to challenge each other in a healthy manner.  

- Greater Impact:  The organization will benefit from the positive ripple effects from the Executive Team's clarity and cohesiveness.  

First™ will clarify your Executive Team’s purpose, establish operating agreements and address practical issues around meeting and workstyle preferences.  It is carefully orchestrated to engage, focus and energize your Executive Team.

Key agenda elements include: visioning modules, relationship-building segments, leadership development and team initiatives.  

One - three days with a follow-through session lasting up to a half-day.

Schedule periodic "keep-the momentum-alive" mini-retreats throughout the year.

Schedule Focus™: Creating Your Strategic Playbook, within 60 days of First™

Click HERE for a printable description of First™. 

The path to world-class begins with your Executive Team.

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