Being a board member may not be your full time job, but it's important.  Getting down to business makes sense except it seems like we’ve missed a step or two.  Not everyone seems equally invested in the future and the board members barely know each other.  Time is our most precious commodity, so how do we spend it wisely?

By investing your time, you’ll do things smarter, work together better and garner better results.

- Create a shared vision

- Set a strategic direction
- Discover the skills and strengths of fellow board members

More joy:  Knowing and liking fellow board members makes it easier to attend scheduled board meetings 

- More accomplished:  A clear target with specific goals means more work gets done       
- Increased retention: Board members who are enthusiastic about the direction of the board are more likely to stay on the board.      

On Board fosters board member interaction while building consensus regarding the boards overall purpose and plan for the future.  A combination of strategic planning and relationship building, this retreat will accelerate the board’s ability to get things done.  A carefully orchestrated agenda means a perfect combination of business and pleasure strengthening the relationships needed to conduct board business.  By investing in this time upfront, boards reap the returns throughout the year.   Get everyone on board without being bored!

One day

“I want to take a moment to thank you for what has been described by attendees as 'our best leadership retreat ever!' The retreat left all members feeling equally a part of the organization's core. It is rare to find two individuals so dedicated to helping others reach their personal and professional goals in such a way that feels more like play than work.”

Mary Davar, CMP, CMM
Philadelphia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International

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