Slipping Sales Figures.  Unfortunately, the sales process has become a subtle war between the sales person and the customer.  But we all know there is a better way.  Unstoppable Selling ends the war between the sales person and customer by turning the sales process on its head -- or better yet, on its heart.  Unstoppable Selling works at the core addressing the beliefs that are stopping your sales people from selling. 

With a subtle shift in beliefs, your sales team will start selling with abandon. 

- Identify deep-seated beliefs about selling.
- Look to see where we are stopped.
- Adopt new, empowering beliefs.
- Learn why it is critical to tell the truth.

- Better results:  Adopting new beliefs inspires us to take action, action that ultimately leads to better results. 
- Feeling Free:  Selling from a foundation of personal integrity lightens our load.
- Win/Win:  In this sales model, everyone wins.  What could be better?

Being unstoppable is being alignment with the principles that make our lives work.  It is energy giving, not energy draining.  The path to unstoppable is doing what is in our control instead of trying to control others.  We will explore the powerful role our beliefs play in our sales results.  We will identify where we are stopped and why.  Then, we’ll adopt new beliefs that forward our selling and learn the principles associated with being unstoppable.  We will also distinguish those actions that actually produce results from those that just keep us busy.  Ask yourself what could be possible if you were unstoppable?


One day with a 60-90 minute follow-up “fine-tuning” session 

 “You’ll know a shift in energy has occurred when you are no longer suffering,
-- when you are taking action and are delighted by the results."

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