Starting Line-Up™

A winning team.  We all know what it feels like to be part of one – the feeling is indescribable – the camaraderie, the dedication, the ability to produce results with skill & precision.  So how do we create that winning team feeling and start hitting more home runs at work?  How do we start seeing each other as All-Stars? 

Starting Line-Up™ is a simple & fun interviewing process with deceptively impactful results.  The game starts by asking players to think of a time they were on a winning team and ask them to share those stories.  The conversation begins to heighten the energy in the room, people get excited to replicate that possibility – if they’ve experienced it before, then why can’t it happen again?

Got a new team forming?  Want to energize and existing team?  Starting Line-Up™ is the perfect way to:  

 - Break-down barriers
 - Strengthen relationships
 - Discover each other’s workplace strengths & ‘sweet spots’
 - Discover workplace style preferences

The fun continues as we collect stats and create business-related baseball cards for the players on our team.  We’ll make personal connections while discovering each other’s strengths and work style preferences. 

Once you purchase Starting Line-Up™, you'll immediately receive a detailed Leader's Guide that leaves nothing to chance.  Your down-load also includes a graphically appealing baseball card PDF for you to print & copy for use with your attendees.   Once you've bought it, you own it for life!

The session is scaleable, lasting anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

Starting Line-Up™ introduces the players on your team to one another in a fun and easy manner.  Secure a winning season with Starting Line-Up™.  So buy now and batter up!

Investment $99.

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