After spending a lifetime developing innovative courses on business topics ranging from leadership, to change, to customer service, we've got a treasure-trove of fantastic material that spends too much time sitting on our shelves.  And since we can't possibly deliver everything ourselves, we thought we'd make our work available to you.   

What's beautiful about our DIY offerings is that we've taken the heavy lifting out of program design, allowing you to focus on what matters most -- your people, your delivery and your intended impact.

So we'll be releasing new programs throughout the year that you can download today and start using tomorrow.  

A little known-secret is we also custom design programs for clients.  Most recently we developed really terrific training programs for CubeSmart (on WOW! Service) and for Automotive Resources Incorporate (Developing Others: Making People a Priority).  CubeSmart leads the program themselves (after a train-the-trainer session) and we lead the courses for ARI.  Both approaches work beautifully. 

Check out our first training offering Starting Line-Up™, and see how you can take an average team and turn them into All-Stars!

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