World-Class Organizations Begin with World-Class Leadership Teams

Posted on May 24, 2023 @ 10:00am

So you’ve made it to the C-Suite.  You now have the title Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer or one of the other “Chief” titles beneath your name on your door.  You've joined a select group that typically have corner offices, significant salaries and a great deal of positional power. 

Assuming you’ve been properly selected for your position, you have a deep competency in the area for which you’ve been hired.  You understand the world of Information Technology or the game of Legal.  What you may not understand is what it means to be a Senior Leader in your organization.  Typically it is ill-defined and if you were honest with yourself, you’d admit that you are less “trained” for that part of your job than for the one you are "officially" responsible for on the organizational chart.

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